Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week 3, day 5

Endorphins were pumping

This is one of those days. Normal work day, everything went as planned, started looking forward to training in the evening and then it was time.

Nothing to suggest it was going to be different. My training partner arrived as normal, I finished with my last client, gym emptied out...just he and I left.

Pump up the vibes, look at my training log, hmmm 5 x 5's today, upper body.

Hit it...set 1, bang off we went.

Fast forward 1 hour, man I didn't want to stop. "Are you feeling different today Bud" I asked Mark, "What do you mean". "Well let's do more tricep work I just don't want to stop training". "Oh yeah I feel exactly the same". Rock on.

It was just one of those sessions where everything just fell into place. All our lifts were up, concentration was intense, the clock seemed to go just slowly enough to recover for the next set, rhythm and timing were perfect...yup, just one of wonderful days that remind you how great the feel of steel is.

Bring it on.

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