Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 4, Day 1

Monday, new week. This feels really weird. In South Africa to day is a holiday and I have in the past treated holidays as free days. However I have a contract...with Adam and all of you and I intend to keep it.

Protein smoothie for breakfast, protein shake for mid morning and a protein smoothy at lunch after training. Barbeque chicken breast, and couscous salad with avo for dinner. Cottage cheese and fresh fruit for meal number 5. Awesome day done. CLEAN

Legs today 5x5..gym was pretty empty which was cool...mind you the squat rack is always free. People seem to be scared of the rack and deadlifts.. I have learned to love both exercises and I value them very highly in any training plan. Compound exercises are KING.

Looking forward to cardio tomorrow, going to go real hard.

Let you know how it goes.

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