Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week 2, day 5


I know it looks like I'm more interested in rugby than my health and fitness but this is Rugby World Cup 2007 and we just thrashed the poms 36 - 0....I mean 36 - zip, magnificent Springboks. When last did you hear of the World Champions not putting a single score on the board in a world cup game.

OK enough of that. Ate beautifully yesterday. Am eating a few Pistachio nuts since reading a report that they are the new superfood. Why not.

Feeling fantastic...had a great leg session yesterday doing the 3 x 15 supersets but with squats, deadlift, lunges and step ups.

Am really happy with my progress so far. I measured today and I have lost 2kgs in 2 weeks and dropped 1.3% body fat. My lean mass has increased by 1.3 kgs and I have dropped 1.9kgs of fat.

So all in all a positive result. I prefer to do this slowly and 1kg per week loss works for me but only if I am increasing lean mass which I am.

Cool Bananas everyone - have a wonderful weekend, see ya tomorrow.

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