Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week four, day 6

Always Expect the unexpected or at least make allowances for it

Saturday - weekend - cardio/ because I've got clients at 7.30am and I'm collecting my kids later I need to get my training in. Our treadmill at my gym is being serviced so I decide to get my training done at our local chain "Virgin Active".

I'm on the road by 6am heading for Virgin Active. Hmmm no cars there, wonder why? Bounce up the stairs, walk into the gym with a bright and breezy, "hey how are ya". The reply did not please me. "Sorry Sir, we are only open at 7am." Grrrrrrr.

Okay plan B. Back in the car head for my own gym 20 minutes up, lights on, music up and jump on one of the bikes.
Cardio went well, abs even better, clients arrive...job done.

Moral of the story. Make contingencies. For me, I like to get my head around an alternative...which in this case I didn't do...since I'm not big on surprises.

Another great week of progress, everything done right...Oh by the way, I'm 1.5kgs and 2.5% body fat down... Remember my post this time last week, check it out again. Go figure.

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