Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 2, day 2

I'm testing a zig zag eating plan and this was the first day. I'm eating normally on weight training days and on two of my cardio days I'm cutting carbs back. Normal protein, carb meal in the morning, thereafter no carbs for the rest of the day. I up my protein intake though to keep my calories up a little. I don't want too much of a defecit.

NOTE OF CAUTION..This is my own plan and I'm not recomending it to anybody especially my clients. This is something I'm experimenting with.

Felt OK except for a little tiredness in the evening.

My ab training went well, Adam, thanks to you I'm doing the David Grisaffi thing...think I'm ready to notch it up a level.

Cardio - perfect.

All in all - a great day.

Can't wait for my next weight training session.

Roll on friday SOUTH AFRICA - ENGLAND.

BTW Adam - My forecast South Africa - Australia in the semi's.

Opening game of the T20 world cup cricket. South Africa blew the Windies away even with a fantastic Chris Gayle century.

Man I love sport.

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