Thursday, September 27, 2007

Week four, day 4

What a beautiful day in Johannesburg today. We had the first of the summer was black, wind was swirling around angrily blowing stuff into the air, it got chilly...and the rain came down and came down, all day. A sort of cross between a summer shower and driving rain. Going home from the gym this evening it was hard to see properly, traffic was backed up and there were the usual bumper bashings...what a beautiful day.

Have I gone nuts

NO, I just have an attitude..a positive attitude. The thing is, firstly, if I love this kind of weather what can get me down, mostly, nothing.

Secondly if we didn't have weather like this how would we appreciate beautiful sunrises, sunshine and warm days. How would we know how stunning a deep valley is with a magnificent river running through it if we didn't have to climb over a huge mountain to get there. How would we know how anger feels if someone wasn't kind to us, and how would we know happiness if we had experienced sadness.

Life is about balance and the real deal is, the fact that we have the gift of choice. We have no control over what the weather is going to look like tomorrow, but we do have a choice about how we feel about it.

ME, I choose positive over negative, I choose good over bad, I choose kindness over rejection or rudeness, I choose to embrace adversity, I choose LIFE and I am LOVING LIVING it.WHAT'S YOUR CHOICE

Oh by the way, I had a majestic, cardio and ab workout today, ate well and drank lots. All in all A GREAT DAY

Can't wait for tomorrow's 3 x 15 leg day..Deep squats, OW.

Embrace this life, it's all we have.

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