Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Week 2, day 1

World Cup Rugby

South Africa 59 - Samoa 7....now I know that's not too much of a big deal to those who know rugby but it is a "World Cup" after all...the Superbowl of rugby and each and every game is important. The Samoans are very physical and it's great that we only had one injury.

Roll on friday when we play England.

Back to reality. 5 quality meals and a really hard leg session. Am feeling fantastic, looking forward to training, the eating is becoming a habit and water has become addictive.

Everything is going according to plan...I'm loving life.

Till tomorrow


Adam Waters said...

Friday will be a good test for you guys! Keep truckin' man!

Adam Waters

dougal said...

You are looking fantastic man, clearly working really hard, good on you. BTW how the heck do you keep so brown.

Yup, can't wait for friday to see how good we really are. Looking forward to watch Oz and the Blacks against some competetive sides too.