Thursday, September 27, 2007

Week 4, day 3

Mind Blowing session

Upper body again - remember the 15 x 3 sets x 30 seconds rest workout. That time again. Man this workout is just brutal. I upped all the weights so I was really tested and took myself to the limit.

3x 15 bench 70kgs (bearing in mind I'm doing 5 x 5 with 90kgs
3 x 15 seated db shoulder press 15kgs (5x5's with 23kgs)

and so on through seated row, chins, upright rows, close grip bench , tricep push downs, and bicep curls.

Don't forget you get 30 secs between each set so you are doing 8 exercises x 15reps x 3 sets. It only takes about 40minutes but it hurts.

I'm writing this at 5am on Thursday and man I can feel it in my body.

It's one of those sessions where you just sit there with your meal replacement shake in your hand staring at the ground dripping all over the place. You gather the energy to look at your training partner, and think...words aren't necessary....what the hell just happened. We seemed to be in a trance. There is no time to talk..not with 30 second break..just do, and do hard.

But WAS GREAT...I'm lovin it.

Ate perfect, chugged water and slept real well.


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