Monday, November 26, 2007


here is my original day 84 pic

Mission One - 84 days/12 weeks complete. mon 3rd Sept Sun 25th Nov 07

The day before I started Mission one of my journey I wrote a contract which I made with Adam Waters and you.

Below is how the original contract was written.

So...what's the plan?

The goal. I will be the 2007 international BFL age group champion.

By November 25th 2007 my body fat will be 8% and I will weight 89ks

Where am I now. I weigh 100kg and my body fat is 17.3%

The Plan I commit to completing. 18 upper and 18 lower body sessions using Alwyn Cosgrave's Hypertrophy program.

I commit to completing a minimum of 36 cardio sessions using a variety of Hi intensity interval training sessions of not less than 20 mins duration.

I commit to eating not less than 5 meals per comprising healthy protein carbs and fat and based on Tom Venuto's BFFM.

I commit to spending a minimum of 10 minutes per day visualising my goals and daily action steps.

I commit to blogging my progress at least 5 days per week.

This is my contract with Adam Waters, all of you who read this blog and myself.

See you on day 1
"I believe, I can"

So... How did I do?

1. Age group champion. - I don't stand a chance

2. 8% bf at 89kgs - Not even close

3. 18 upper and 18 lower sessions - Done

4. 36 cardio sessions - Done

5. Not less than 5 meals a day - Done except for saturday where I had 4.

6. Visualising goals and daily actions steps. - 70% done.

7. Blogging 5 days per week. - Done, I've blogged 84 days straight + extra's.

OK so in review, how do I feel?

On a 1-10 basis what do I give myself for my actual goals. 4/10

On a 1-10 basis what do I give myself for my action steps 93/10

So am I upset that I didn't make my goals. HELL NO!

I'm over the moon. I made an outrageous commitment based on my sorry mental state at the time and I came through with more than flying colours.

You see I have no control over whether I hit my goal, but I can and did control my actions steps over an extended period of time and I thrilled because ....I KEPT MY WORD to Adam and all of you...and my integrity is worth a huge amount more to me than winning any awards or making a % body fat.

I'm ecstatic because I can trust myself again. I know that If I tell you I'm going to do something..nothing is going to stop me.

I'm ecstatic because I unconsciously apply that now to every area of my life. In 12 short weeks I have changed who I am. I no longer procrastinate. I take on more than I need to and see it through...I really understand now what committment means. I am happier, I am more in control, I am more relaxed, I am the REAL Dougal who has been struggling to find a way out of the pit I was in. I now have the strength and character to climb any mountain which enables me to look at the beautiful valley below.

I have found fanatstic new friends who's integrity and commitment matches my own. We are part of a new exciting pioneering community commited to giving to others.. how do you put a price on that. You can't the value is immeasurable.

We have all learned to value EFFORT from Adam Waters, who puts so much in for us I think he has managed to find 30 hours in a day by some magic. ..He has given me the tools to make it a real lifestyle.

So as I head gleefully hopping and skipping into my new Mission, Mission 2, I share with you, that I did make some progress.

Starting wt 100kgs Finishing wt 95.2

Starting bf 17.3% Finishing bf 12.3%

Starting LBM 82.7kgs Finishing LBM 83.5

Whilst I built only .8kg in muscle I lost 5.0% body fat and 4.8kgs

and I look and feel a whole lot better. I also learned to be patient. It's not as easy as I thought it would be at 58 years old, but I do know that will I ultimately achieve my goal of clearly defined abs no matter what.

I turn this review over to you....and I'm at peace.

Bring on Mission 2 - I have just begun.


Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

You may not have reached your goals with regards to numbers but you certainly blew away those centred around commitment, accountability and credibility. You have and continue to be a great inspiration to many people including myself and you have helped many people including myself without expecting anything in return. You should be and you look like you are ecstatic with the results you have produced.

I hope at 58 I am as inspired, as strong, as fit and most of all still enjoying life to this level.

Looking forward to your Mission 2 goals and your continued friendship.

Keep up the amazing work mate,


Raiden said...

If you shoot for the moon, you just might land in the clouds. Congratulations on getting off the ground! Ok, you said you were over the moon, so maybe, if you shoot for out of this solar system, you'll be over the moon!

You were certainly committed over this time and got some great results. Lots of hard work and dedication. I like how you look more at your actions and what you did rather than the final bf numbers and such. You did what you set out to do. Congrats again on a great 12 weeks!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Congrats on successfully completing mission 1 - you should be proud, just look at the day 1 and day 84 pics. Looking forward to hearing about mission 2.

dougal said...

Andrew, thank you my friend and I continue to thrive on your support. My continued unconditional help to whomever needs it is guaranteed.

Raiden, thanks very much, can't wait to see what the next 84 days look like.

Diane, thank you, or should I call you Miriam...mission 2 info coming up.

Anonymous said...

Great job! You have shown what it means to be committed. I have surely seen the change in your posts. I would never have guessed you are 58! looking fabulous! you are an inspiration! thanks!

dougal said...

Suzette, thank you, you are right, In my before pic I look 70. LOL

Adam Waters said...

Hi Dougal,

Congratulations mate. You have set a goal and followed through to its completion. As you touched on in your post, there is something far more valuable you gained than just bodyfat stats, honoring self-promises and conducting yourself with integrity (in public!) is extremely powerful.

There is nothing that can stop you now mate. You have laid a great platform and the only restriction is your imagination! I believe you have just scratched the surface of how much you will impact and inspire people in the future. It is never too late to make a comeback!

I fell honoured and privaleged to have you as a friend and I trust our "dual accountability journey" will continue for a long time.

Shred On!

Marbella said...

Hey Dougal,
Congrats mi amigo for all the hard work SO WELL spent. You look fabulous, and compared to your original photo, you look half the age and twice the guapo. Am proud of you getting thru all that and with flying colors. Now, I plan to copy you too and try to let some of your committment and perseverance rub off on me. You may just be on the road to finding the dreams you dream of....

dougal said...

Adam, thank you, you're right, never too late to make a comeback and accountability from can take to the bank.

Miss Spain, Madam I am blushing..thank you for the wonderful compliment. I am on the road and you just never know where it might lead.

Anonymous said...

Ok Dougal, lol, I never thought you were older. YOu look much younger!!! and even more so now! I have been told that I look about 10 years younger since taking off all my extra weight! It's amazing what a little less fat can do for the age!

Michael said...

Dougal, you did an awesome job! I would be just as happy if I were you.

Lilla said...


You are such a wonderful role model! There are so many gems and wise words in your post:

" integrity is worth a huge amount more to me than winning any awards or making a % body fat."

"I no longer procrastinate. I take on more than I need to and see it through...I really understand now what committment means."

You are unstoppable and an inspiration! Can't wait to hear what Mission 2 will bring!

dougal said...

Lilla...If I am making a difference in your life, you're right I am unstoppable, because my life has purpose. Thank you for your encouragement...hope you'll join me for my journey.

dougal said...

Suzette, better than a face lift for $20 000 right.

Michael, thanks Bud, appreciate you visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dougal,
Congrats on your first 84 days; you sound like a changed person and like you are fully in control of your life again! An inspiration indeed.
Good luck on phase two, and good to see that you intend to take a bit of a break and enjoy the festive season as well.

dougal said...

Hey Greg, how are you? Yup, got it together man, looking forward to another 84. Thanks for visiting, havn't seen you for a while.