Thursday, November 22, 2007

week Twelve, Day 4

Day 11 - DDS


Did something a little different today.

Minute 1 - 5 walk
2 -5.5 walk
3 -6 walk
4 -6.5 walk
5 -7 run
6 - 12
7 -6.5 walk
8 -13
9 -6.5 walk
10 -14
11 -6.5 walk
12 -15
13 -6.5 walk
14 -16
15 -6.5 walk
16 -17
17 -6.5 walk
18 -10
19 -12
20 -5 walk

It certainly was not a walk in the park, but I enjoyed doing something different and running at 17kms per hour is pretty quick.


6.30am Protein/water + 2 gl water
9.00am Protein/water/Oats/ff flavoured yoghurt + 2 gl water Cardio + 1 ltr water
12.30pm ff cottage cheese/cucumber on wholewheat + 1 tbspn peanut butter.
4.00pm Protein/water/2 x ff flavoured yoghurt + 1 ltr water
8.00pm Chicken breast/avocado/green salad

Watched a magnificent storm tonight with lots of electricity flying around...thunder and lightening aplenty.

Made me realise something....WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF ANYTHING


Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

Great cardio session mate, it certainly is quick flying along at 17kph, but that fat drops off at that speed!!

Take care,


dougal said...

It was interesting Andrew in that I felt that I worked harder but it wasn't so taxing on the system. I also feel that walking after the sprint is bringing your HR back way down and so the intervals are more effective like that. Funny I did the same mileage as a normal session. I think I'll add it in for a while.

Marbella said...

Hi Dougal,
Loved your comment on the storm. We too have tremendous storms in Texas, and they´re so awesome. You are so right in that we are NOT in control of anything. The only thing I can control a pinch is my new puppy, and then only a second. Maybe I can learn to control ME?

Sammy said...

17kph! That's great man ;P

dougal said...

Lynda, I know about the storms in Texas, I've seen them. Love the puppy the way you are in control of yourself, it just gets away from you a little at time. Nothing to beat yourself up about though. LOVE YOURSELF TODAY

dougal said...

Thanks Sammy, felt like I was flying man.