Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 4

Day 4, DDS

Eat your hearts out those with winter creeping up under the door and blowing shivers down your spine.
My day went something like this...Train clients from early morning, meet a friend for Cappucin0, around 10 ish ...yes yes it was froth not cream and no there was no sugar in it, and yes of course the milk was skim milk, at Mugg and Bean (alias Starbucks) head to Virgin Active for my cardio workout, train my butt off, loved it then headed back to my place for a swim and a little suntanning, the water was....swimmalicious. How great does it feel getting a little sun on your back . Warms you right through.

Anyway I digress. Abs today with 3 x 15 of Oblique crunches on a decline board, flat crunches, and hyperextensions done as supersets and all with a 15kg/33lb weight. That'll getting your abs tightening up.

Onto the T/mill for a different routine today. This one is pretty much BFL but it still works for me.

Minute 1 - 5k (walk)
2 -5k
3 -8k (run)
4 -9k
5 -10k
6 -11k
7 -8k
8 -9.5k
9 -11k
20-6 (walk)

It really went smoothly and with some positive self talk I really enjoyed it. Just felt cool today.


5.45am Protein/water/glutamine + 2 glasses water
9.30am Protein/oats/ff flavoured yoghurt + 2 glasses water
11 am cardio 1 ltr water
12.30pm Tuna/black olive low fat yoghurt + 2 glasses water
3.30pm Black pepper low fat cottage cheese/ff flavoured yoghurt + 2 gl water
7.30pm grilled chicken breast/steamed vegetable + 2 gl sparkling water.

I tend to eat less on cardio days and also cut down on carbs. You may have noticed that I do not eat a lot of starchy carbs, there is no reason for this other than I don't really need them. I do well on salads and steamed veggies. I don't restrict them and occasionally I'll eat a baked potato, basmati rice or the like but I'm getting all the nourishment I need from what I'm eating right now's all good.

On my saturday posting I'll include my weight, BF% and lean mass and do a comparison from last saturday so that I can make sure I'm moving forward.

That's my lot all you friendly people....Oh.. and you lurkers who visit quietly and watch from the bleachers...thanks for popping in, but please come in and leave a comment or two. If there is any other information you would like to see on the blog about my "Journey" please include a quick comment and you'll get an answer.



Marbella said...

Hi Mr. Dougal,
Loved your blog today and got to see what you are up to, and especially how you eat. Am so impressed that you drink so much water! I find that so hard. Also, you don´t eat very much for such a strong man. I though you´d be eating much more meat....
Will be back and check on you. Keep up the good work. You are doing sooooo well.

Joni said...

Ha ha ha swimmalicious - LOVE IT! That made me laugh out loud and then I had to get a funny look from my husband when I told him why I laughed. Other people just don't get us sometimes :) I might have to put that in my list of shredder terminology. I know exactly what you mean, however cannot agree because I am one of the ones with winter coming on. Rained all day today so I guess it could have been swimmalicious if I was that adventurous. Anyway, glad you had a good day, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

ok, let's not rub in the summer thing! ;)
looks like things are moving right along.

dougal said...

Hi there Lynda, can understand why you liked my blog over there in sunny spain which is not so sunny and warm right now. Lynda food is a funny thing, most of us eat way more than we need and the wrong kind. I can honestly say I am almost never hungry and that is my guage that I'm eating enough. My weight hasn't changed much over the last 12 weeks but my body fat has, so I know I'm on the right track. Eating more than you need is normally just a bad habit.

Joni, I knew my day would get someone going, although I should be careful since my turn for winter will be coming soon enough. In the meantime I LOVE SUMMER.

Suz, hi there yeah I know...tell ya what I'll do a little "swimmalishing" today just for you. Have a wonderful day

Michael said...

Nice post, Dougall! You are doing great my man!

dougal said...

Michael, Thanks Bud.