Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Week Ten, day 2


Your level of happiness and peace depends on how much you are prepared to give.

I'm writing this for one person. I have no idea who you are or where on this beautiful planet you live but I know it's for you.

The only way to live your life completely is to take responsibility. A friend of mine has put a media campaign together in an effort to coax South Africans into caring for others and developing a giving attitude.

It's called LOVE and RESPECT and is a contract you sign with yourself to make yourself accountable (that word again) the message goes like this:-

I ............................ promise to love and respect, myself, my loved ones, my family, my friends, my fellow mankind, and all the people who visit our beautiful land.

By starting with myself, I take full responsibility for my actions, my life and my interactions with all living things around me.


It's amazing how your life changes when you decide that from this second on you are not going to blame anyone else, ever again for anything that goes wrong in your life.

"I'm sorry I was late for the meeting the traffic was hectic" Hmmm, perhaps you should have left earlier.

"I am so busy I don't have time to exercise" My diary is always free 45 minutes before I wake up.

"So and so made me do this" No one can make you do anything, you allow them to.

You get the picture.

We cannot control external circumstances like, the weather, the traffic, rude people etc but we can control the one thing that is MOST important in our lives....what's inside our head and what WE CHOOSE to put in there. Guard your mind closely, it's your most important asset.

If YOU, and you know who you are, are having a down day, take responsibility for the way you feel, for there is a very simple foolproof solution. Pick up your mobile, access your contacts list and scroll until a name jumps out at you. Phone that person and tell them you were thinking of them, you care for them and you just wanted them to know that. You will find that it uplifts you instantly but what you don't know is how much it will do for them.

Go on DO IT NOW....No not later NOW.


Michael said...

Dougal, great post! I called someone I haven't spoken to in 6 months "just to say hi" and they were elated. Thanks for inspiring me to do that. You are looking incredible.


dougal said...

Mike, thanks for the compliment man and for the inspiration all I can say is Checkmate. LOL

Adam Waters said...

Very good advice mate, BTW you are on a roll my friend, look at you!


dougal said...

Thank you Adam, high praise coming from you.

Massimiliano said...

My friend your post was about my day!
It was not feling that great this morning, I was feeling a little down, letargic,and you know what I did? I called my wife and told her I love her very very much and my day changed!
BTW your pictures looks fantastic!

dougal said...

Well done Massi, big up for taking action. I bet your wife's day changed as well. Oh and thank you.

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

That's what's great about this mission. In addition to the people I call and write to daily, I have 14 more people to think of as well.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

"Your level of happiness and peace depends on how much you are prepared to give."

Ain't that the truth - if more of us catch on to living that truth then the world will be less self centered.
Thanks for sharing great stuff and like always you are becoming a lean machine.
What is your fitness goals BTW.

Joni said...

Hey Dougal, finally getting caught up on all the posts after I was away and just wanted to say - Great stuff! Everyone has so much to give in this group from their life experiences it is just great. You never know what wisdom you will see on the blogs of the shredder council! Thanks for the pick-me-up!

dougal said...

Hi Diane, my 12 week goal was to win my age group in the Body-for-life competition. But that means I would need to get to about 7% body fat and I'm not going to make it in 2 weeks. No worries I now want to make the 7% goal by december 24th.

Joni - welcome back, and thank you. If it helped, I'm grateful

My Good friend Christy, you are so caring and diligent, take care not to burn out.

Miriam said...

Thank you for the insight.

dougal said...

miriam, hi, if any of it helps you, that makes it worthwhile for me. Am honoured that you visit my blog, thank you.