Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week Twelve, Day 7

Day 14, DDS (Dougal's different shred)

Spent the day with my precious little people, we had such fun. Swam most of the afternoon in the pool just frolicking and splashing and giggling with them. Had a bit of a workout since they love to be thrown from my shoulders into the water. Half an hour of that with a 10 and 12 yr old and you know you've been physical.

I ate today:- 4 spicy buns/cup coffee.
1 bowl fresh cut fruit
2 bowls rum and raisin ice cream sprinkled with cashew nuts.
1 large bottle sparkling water
oh and 2 small meatballs

All planned for in my free don't give me that accusing look...that's why it's called a free day.

Today is the last day of my first 84 days or 12 weeks and the last day of my personal shred otherwise known as Dougal's Different Shred.

I'm going to post an EXTRA tomorrow outlining my feelings, results etc for my first 12 week challenge...complete today SO LOOK OUT FOR THAT.

"work in progress"


Miriam said...

Congratulations on completing your first 84 workout days. I guess that a great way to celebrate it is by enjoying a beautiful sunny warm day by the pool. It is so cold over here that just by reading your post I get a breath of warm fresh air.

Joni said...

Looking forward to seeing your results, tomorrow is my measurement day as well. Glad to see you enjoyed your free day, you deserve it! Your progress is awesome! Talk to you soon!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Hi Dougal - was it your intent to leave a message for Miriam? cause you posted it to my blog, or was it the 3 beers imparing your vision:-)?
Here's to a successful week!

Lilla said...

Looking forward to tomorrow's 12-week recap!

p.s I like the way you write down all your nutrition each day. I think I might start that too.

Marbella said...

Hi Dougal,
Came by to see that extra special post...will drop by later. BTW, have decided to stop those pity-parties and get with it. Am having a good week, cause decided to have one. Hope you are too.

dougal said...

Miriam, Joni, Diane, Miss Spain, and Lilla, thank you, it feels like a great achievment to me.

Diane, it was for you, I just got the names wrong, I apologise.