Thursday, November 22, 2007

Week Twelve, Day 3

DAY 10 DDS (Dougal's different Shred)

If any of you are looking for a little philosophy go one blog back for a brief bit about happiness.

Training all 3 x 12. supersets - 1 min rest between all sets.

Snatch grip(wide) deadlift


Steps ups

Brief session (25minutes) but done with heavy works.


6.30am Protein/water/creatine ethel ester

9.30am Protein/water/oats/ff flavoured yoghurt/a few almonds

12.30pm wholewheat sandwich/lots ff cott cheese/tomato

4.00pm pre training protein shake/water

6.00pm TRAIN

6.00pm creatine

6.45pm Protein/water/bowl of low GI Bokomo Maximiser(cereal)

That's all folks, see you tomorrow

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