Friday, November 2, 2007

Week Nine, day 5


What has surprised me.

At the start of this shred I knew, because of the overwhelming popularity of Adam Waters' blog that there would be a number of people wanting to participate in the shred. What has surprised me is, that given the number of people viewing Adam's blog on a regular basis, there were so few people willing to take on a challenge. I have also been surprised at the stickability of the "Faithful Shred Council". The people involved in this shred are people living in the "real world" and are "real people". People with integrity, values and principles. People that I'm certainly very proud to be associated with. Making a committment means something to all of us, and once started will definately be successfully completed.

What are my personal milestones

Considering, like Adam, the number of times I've unsuccessfully started a challenge, reaching the end of 9 weeks and 8 days of shredding are personal milestones that I am overjoyed to have arrived at and past. Onwards and Upwards.

What victories have I posted

The simple act of seeing through a committment like this is a big victory for me because of my history of failure in this aspect of my life. Call it like it is Dougal "Failure". However, I'm starting to believe in my own integrity again, and as the days go by, I start to love and value myself more and more. As I do that my relationships get better and better. These are HUGE VICTORIES for me.

What challenges have I faced

Isn't it easier not to take on a challenge than make a big committment, and it is a big committment. Taking daily pics and getting them ready for the blog on a daily basis is not some small thing. Those reading this, who are not part of the shred, don't underestimate the complexity and time committment given to this challenge. For me personally it wasn't the shred so much as the technical issues such as: How am I going to shoot these pics (I have no digital camera), how am I going to make them consistent. When will I find time. (I, like all of you, am really busy.)
How will I meet my support promise with the ridiculous constraints of my broadband service provider.

At the end of it all, I am reminded however that any challenge, difficulty, irritation is do-able if you have the will to want to.

I am reminded that "I can do anything I want to" and that this brilliant idea that we can credit Adam Waters with, is simply a metaphor for this thing we call Life and living.

And.....I love LIFE.

AND....The pic indicates how I feel today.


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

You're looking so darn good. This post is great. The photos are a BIG commitment. You are so right about how impressive it is that everybody keeps going. We still have a WHOLE week to enjoy this Group Shred.

Great post.

dougal said...

Christy, thank you, encouragement is what keeps all of our motors running and you got mine running faster.

Michael said...

Dougal, you are simply glowing man! I'm very proud of how hard you've worked. Congrats on the 9 weeks and 8 days! That's simply awesome and thanks for posting the pic from 9 weeks ago. You've done such a great job. Let's keep this going moving forward. Knowing Adam, he has some surprise in store!


Anonymous said...

Dougal, awesome post today. i believe the inner parts or us are changing more than our physical bodies. this whole thing so far has almost been surreal. to feel the genuine "love" thru the internet waves is tremendous. what a great support we have to each other. and just as you said this transfers into our daily living. we should encourage those we are in contact with everyday. we have shown through these blogs and comments that the power of encouragement is real. it truly changes you.
love the new pic of you today. it shows that you are truly full of life!!

dougal said...

Thanks guys, my early morning attitude has spilled over through the day and I'm just getting so much done. Attitude is everything.
Thankyou for the support

Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

Great post man and awesome pics you are shredding real hard mate.

I hope your muscles ache as much as mine do at the end of this week, that new workout plan as really shaken my body up which is just what it needed nearing the end of my own personal goal. Sincerely thanks for ALL your help, I know how busy you are and it is greatly appreciated.

Take care,


dougal said...

Andrew, a pleasure bud, I can see real change in your pics. You are much tighter and more muscular. It's working for you, for sure.