Saturday, November 3, 2007

Week Nine, day 6


Adam Waters...G'day mate, was talking about discipline in his latest video (which took about 1 hour to download - I'm not kidding).

My take on this enigmatic subject is this. The amount of discipline you require, to accomplish a difficult task is directly proportional to the level committment you are prepared to devote.

And, the level of committment you are prepared to devote is directly proportional to, how close you are to rock bottom.

My personal experience related to this subject is like this. As the years went by from the time I started training, I would make a committment on a friday evening to start a transformation on a monday morning, having thought about it for a few days. Come monday, go through the motions for a few days, or even weeks, and then completely lose the plot at a party over the weekend.

So, whilst I, in my confused mind, thought, Ahh it's OK, I'm an experienced trainer, Heck, I'm a fitness professional, I'll just bulk a bit more and start cutting for the summer season on the beach.

What...(self talk) after a few weeks of this, "You idiot, what are you doing, you are just getting fatter."

My committment to the "lean project" at that time was clearly not matched by my discipline. In other words, I had not yet reached rock bottom. It was more pleasurable for me to party than it was to feel the pain of failing yet again and staying FAT.

At the same time I would tell myself " Dude, you are fat, and getting fatter, you have lost control." The more I said this the more it happened. (I happen to believe that you attract what you think about most.)

At some stage this has to change, if you really desire change.

For me it was a case of "when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear". How prophetic was it when I stumbled across Adam Waters amazing blog. I can't even remember how that happened.

What I do know, is that at that point 9 point nine weeks ago, I had reached rock bottom, but I needed support and a mechanism to help me climb back up that mountain that I had fallen off.

Adam suggested blogging for accountability. I saw the benefit but was cautious. I have an extremely busy life and this was just another THING to have to do.

At least I was smart enough to realise that "the teacher had appeared" and I committed. Guess what: It wasn't that hard. I found that I enjoyed being accountable to, well, pretty much whoever wanted to visit, on the planet. Which they have.

Then came the shred. Again, WOW, ANOTHER THING. But again as Adam has alluded to, as you get used to the disciplines you take on they become easier. And I now love it. I have made wonderful new friends, to whom I feel very close and I'm never even met them.

This has taught me so much about myself. I used to be a procrastinater. Now, I am forced out of that pattern because I have committed, and I honour that.

Now, I do what has to be done when it has to be done, and that is my lifetime affirmation.

This project has taken me wayyyy beyond, fat loss. It has changed my life.

For that Adam Waters, I thank and Salute you my friend. You are my teacher, and I thank you for appering, when I was ready.


Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

Wow it really took an hour, that's bad mate. Great post I agree with you but I also think that the level of commitment you are prepared to devote is linked directly to how much you want the goal. This in turn may or may not be linked to whether you have hit rock bottom.

However, I am a great believer in "things happen for a reason" even the not so nice things. And Adam appearing at your low spot is a great example.

Have a great weekend mate, you seeing your kids again?

Take care,


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

"When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear." I whole-hearted believe this. You are so right. That has always been my experience and good fortune. You are an amazing teacher, too. This post rings very true on a much larger level than fitness, it really is about life--especially the rock bottom part and the ability to commit being directly proportional to that bottom. BTW, the former Math Team geek in me just LOVES that you used the phrase "directly proportional to."

It's really nice when those "rock bottoms" just aren't as low as they once were anymore.

Thanks, Dougal.

Greg said...

I enjoyed reading your comments. They ring true for me; I know that pattern of partial commitment followed by one loose day at a party or bar that proves to be the thin end of the wedge. I took up the shred challenge too last week, albeit privately, and all was great until the night before last... one drink after work with co-workers to unwind,,, prophetic last words as I felt terrible the next day, effectively skipped two days of clean eating, and just bearly managed to drag my butt down to the gym this evening, although must admit that I feel much better for having done so. I hope the shred council make it through the challenge and continue it on. I vow to sign up to the next one and this time to make myself accountable to all!
Good luck Dougal.

Adam Waters said...

Thank you my friend, Dougal you articluated it perfectly because you have experienced the highs and the lows, and you know what it takes to transform your physique in a short period of time.

You are so right about the amount of discipline you are prepared to take being directly proportional to the state you are in.

Keep shredding mate!

Adam Waters

Marbella said...

Hi Dougal!
Loved your blog today. You know, it´s so much like my blog, but of course said so much better than I did. We both talked of disipline and the good of having backing. So glad you found Adam, and so glad we all found you. Congrats on your fenominal road back from rock bottom...won´t be long before you get to the TOP.
Sure lookin´ good!

Marbella said...

Hey Dougal,
Loved what you said about the teacher and you knew when Adam walked into your life, he was. Hope your day today was a good one. Just now read you are a BodyForLife coach. Great!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

I was just tuning in for the next Dougal blog. But I re-read this post. I just love it. I relate so strongly and I find it amazing that you could express so many of the feelings I have and your a fitness professional and I'm a wounded, "mathlete". lol I know people are more than labels, but our lives are so different and yet, it's cool to see in what ways we're the same. It's like that with everybody on the shred. So different yet so much in common. I love having things in common with you.

OMG, I'm gonna end this comment before it sounds like "The Breakfast Club." Did even see that movie? It was an American teen movie when I was an American teen. This may be one of the things we do not have in common. lol

Massimiliano said...

Hello my Friend Shredder!
You look absolutelly fantastic! Your extra picture is showing absolute happyness, entusiasm, vigor and power!
Way to go AMICO!

Michael said...

Dougal, I agree that this shred has been life changing! Dude, you are doing so well! Where'd your stomach go?


Anonymous said...

loved your post today. Adam was right in that this mission isn't about the weight or the diet, but about the mindset. i think we all have surely grown from this experience and will continue to do so.

Coffeetalk said...

Dougal, I'm speechless (well, almost - lol). Your honesty is commendable. I loved your comment about "When you're ready, a teacher will appear".

You are on the road to greatness, friend.


dougal said...

MGCFC..yes Christy, that's you. Synergy and vibrational resonance is a wonderful thing yes.Breakfast're right kid, we are different generations..But we can clearly still relate to each other.
Isn't that cool

Massi, thanks bud, I feel fabulous

Michael, thanks goodness the stomach has run screaming and shouting into to the far distance.

Suzette, growth is what I strive for each and every day.

Hey there Deb, honesty means No one has power over me. Cool.