Monday, November 19, 2007

Week Twelve, Day 1

Day 8, DDS

"I'm so fat", "How do you know", "I'm so depressed, I got on the scale and I havn't lost anything in 4 weeks."

"OK, let's check your body fat." "Ooooh no", "why not?", "I'm scared I've put on fat." "Well let's check." "Ummm...ok", says this tiny voice.

We head for my office, do the BF% thing and find she lost 3% BF. I showed her how if you lose BF and you gain muscle your scale weight STAYS THE SAME. No need to find a tall building.

"How do you feel now" "WONDERFUL" she shouts tripping off to find her mobile to tell all her friends.

This is a generic story that I have heard a million times and maybe it will clarify the reality of things FAT and how the only person a scale can benefit is the Trainer...for analytical purposes.

Scales should be banned from homes, they only make people miserable and...they lie.

Fat weighs the same as muscle...Hello!....muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. 1kg muscle weighs exactly the same as 1kg fat.

Now, once you've accepted that, you are weight training to build muscle, let's explode another myth...girls are NOT going to build big muscles...they don't produce enough of the stuff that helps boys build big muscle and even with boys it's not that easy. You don't just grow muscles overnight because you push weights. Doesn't happen...unless of course you are sticking needles with illegal substances into your body, with a main side effect of PREMATURE DEATH. are building muscle and losing fat, now, fat takes up 5 times, let me repeat that, 5 times as much space as muscle so, lose 10lbs fat, build 6lbs've only lost 4lbs scale weight...eeeek.... wrong, I'm not going to insult your intelligence by asking you to imagine what you are going to look like.

All I know is, regardless of what the scale says, you are going to fit very neatly into pants a size smaller.


When guys walk on the beach and they see a "hotty" (that's one of you) lying there in a bikini, they don't whisper "Bet she weighs 11o lbs, " do they. No, you're either hot or you're not.

So girls....moral of the story, DUMP the scale, it's only going to hurt you. Buy some calipers, learn how to use them and measure body fat instead. Calipers I said not a BF% scale, they are NOT reliable.

Go the dumpster...NOW, go on, NOW.

Training today

Reverse grip bent over rows - all 5 sets of 6reps, supersets, 90 secs rest. (heavy day)

Incline bb Bench press

Seated wide grip rows

DB bench press, hands facing


Loved it, felt good, 50 minutes of grunt, aaargghhhh!!!


6.00am - Protein shake/water + more water (creatine ethel ester)

8.30am - Protein shake/water + oats + almonds and raisins + more water

12.00pm - Low Fat cottage cheese + ff yoghurt + almonds + more water

4.00pm - Pre training protein + Glutamine + water

6.15pm- TRAINING - Creatine + lots water

7.15pm- Post workout Protein/water/banana + Water

9.30pm- Chicken Breat + salad + water

That's it sports fans.

Take care,train hard, live with balance.


Debbie said...

I can't do it...I can't do it...the scale just won't go into the garbage!

When I used to follow BFL, I had lost 10 lbs and no one believed me. They swore I must have lost 30. An example of fat vs. muscle.

May I ask you to do me a favor? Would you mind going to and see if this website calculation is close to your caliper bf% calculation. This is what I'm using to calculate bodyfat.

Thanks, Debbie

Adam Waters said...

Very well said mate, keep it up my fellow Shredder!

Massimiliano said...

Hello Dougal my friend!
Just checking you out, you are doing fantastic!
keep shredding!

dougal said...

Debbie, I have electronic calipers that do the work for me. Sorry.

Adam, thanks mate

Massi, thank you buddy, you too.