Monday, November 5, 2007

Week Ten, day 1

Monday morning, early, 4 .15am, still dark, the sound of silence is deafening. Normal people are still asleep. If they are awake it's because they have an early flight to catch, a deadline to meet, or...they just couldn't sleep. THEY ARE GRUMPY.

I on the other hand, step outside into the crisp pre dawn and breath the country the air is fresh, I can hear the lions growling restlessly at the Lion Park across the valley. The dogs ignore me and continue snoring gently, they could care less that I'm on my way to the gym.

No matter, I AM HAPPY, not just happy but HAPPY...deep down happy, getting up at 4.15am, I am really really.

That's because, I am a certified fitness professional and I'm on my way to a place where I make a difference in peoples lives. Now that turns me a big way. The fact that 9 weeks ago I was horribly out of shape means nothing. I still know how to do the job and I do it well, I have the client base to prove it. In fact it is a bonus for my clients. I KNOW what it's like to be where they are...I CAN relate.

There is another reason I'm so happy...I made the choice....I made the choice to be a fitness professional. I created my own life. I am also a very successful property invester. I created that too. I have the life of my dreams.
Why am I telling you all this.....In South Africa right now it is almost impossible for a white male over the age of 50 to get any kind of employment...Fact..and if I, into my 50's, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, with a messy expensive divorce directly behind me..future prospects bleak, can rebuild from scratch a life that I have created for myself.....that I LOVE.....


If what you do for a living is a reason for getting down, on a sunday afternoon, and the reason why you are looking for excuses to get out of going to work on monday, and if you can't get out of it, dreading something about.

If you see this as condemnation or judgement, don't....change your attitude, then take responsibility for your own life (if you don't who will, no one else gives a damn) and create the life YOU want.

Do it now.........Oh yes you can. Yes you can.



Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

This is my second Amen of the shred. And I say AMEN, brother. I'm working on it. I am so working on it. It's rough in the beginning, though. But it's worth it not having to get those Sunday dreads that sometimes spilled into Saturday nights.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Inspiring stuff! Keep it coming!!


My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Raw meat? Glad you're diggin it:-)Awesome sharing, coupled with a great mindset and attitude about enjoying this journey called LIFE! Yep, we only have one so it is up to us how we choose to live it.

dougal said...

My good friend Christy,feeling down is such a waste of energy and time, have courage and belief, you can do anything you want to. Take care

Greg, thanks for coming to visit Bud, thank you for your comment and please come back anytime.

Yup RAW MEAT, I'm from Africa, that's what we do here, GGRrrrrrrr!