Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week One, Day 2, Mission TWO

Had a great cardio session today at a new gym. I have membership at all the Virgin Active clubs in South Africa and I love to try out new gyms. They have all been recently re furbished and have new equipment.

The new treadmills are awesome.. although, with TV screens embedded into the console I can't help wondering whether some of the men use them to watch Idols surreptitiously without telling anybody. How come you did 2 kms in 30 minutes? Oh I decided to go a bit slower today. Yeah right, who was voted off?

I love watching some of the ladies who pop in for a quick cycle whilst reading the latest O magazine. You can see when they come to an interesting article....they stop cycling. And then realise what they're doing and start again.

I had a lady client some years ago who sometimes used to stop whilst doing a cycle cardio session. I watched her a couple of times and went over and asked her why she stopped. She looked at me indignantly and said "Why, there are dogs crossing the road".

Of course everybody in the gym just collapsed on the floor. Yep we have fun here. That's what training is supposed to be..fun.

Learn to make it so and you'll never stop.


Sammy said...

Lol, there are dogs crossing the road! I like that one

dougal said...

HeySammy, it was really amusing

Massimiliano said...

Hello my friend!
I was away (with my head lol) and did not realize you completed Mission 1!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Alex said...

Hi, Dougal!

Great kids! They must be very proud of you. Congratulations for Mission 1 completion! Goodluck on your Mission 2 journey.

Great progress,mate! Keep it up!!!


dougal said...

Thank you Alex. I'm proud of them.
Thank you for your support mate.