Wednesday, November 14, 2007



I just want to encourage "hardgainers" of which there are a couple in the "originals team". I know how hard it is to train like crazy, eat clean and seem to grow at snail pace.

The pic above is my good friend and training partner Mark. I have been training Mark for about four years now and the 2007 pic is as a result of 100% solid training and clean eating. I have devised many different programes over the years and mostly periodised his training to solely focus on growth. I think I can safely say we achieved that in a big way.

There is no secret here, just hard work and persitant consistency. NO DRUGS were used in the making of this body.

It's hard to see but the man is large. About 6ft 3in and around 100kgs of solid.
I sincerely hope this encourages those who may be feeling a bit down about their progress.
Remember there is no finish line in this game.

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