Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week Ten, day 7

Tomorrow starts a new accountability shred of a different flavour for me personally.
The "Originals" have spoken. Well...some of them have. I asked if anyone would be at all interested in knowing what I am eating on a daily basis...exactly, and there were some positive replies. There were also some requests for my training schedules so I'll do both.
Here is my commitment:

I'll post my training schedule and my eating plan on a daily basis with stats once a week so that we can all guage whether I'm moving forward. But I'll throw in a bonus, I'll post pics on Mon, Wed and Fri and will include a sunday pic for Adams weekly shred as well.

I'm heading into week 11 of my first 12 week trasnformation journey, so this will be a 14 day surge for the final two weeks.

See you tomorrow for "The journey, part 1,The final two weeks."


Adam Waters said...

Awesome Dougal! That is a huge undertaking and I'm sure many shredders will benefit from your plans.

I'm gonna check in too to get some ideas.

Joni said...

Sounds good! Looking forward to seeing what you are up to every day!

Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

Can't wait mate. Thanks for the kick up the arse also. I know I was very analytical on yesterday's post and I think probably more for other peoples benefit than mine just so they can see we are not perfect as you stated. I know we are all moving forwards and you are very correct I do not plan on going backing to old habits.

Thanks for the positive kick mate,


Sammy said...

Hey dougal! Saw your comment on andrew's blog. Thanks mate, really put some perspective on my thoughts.


dougal said...

Adam, well I hope so mate, me most of all.

Joni, thank you for stopping by, it is a great source of encouragement to me.