Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 7

Decided to do something really different today. Both my girlfriend and I love planes. The power, thrust and roar of a huge jet engine is really something to hear so we went out to a nearby airport for lunch and retreated into childhood.

Sat out on the upstairs deck in the sun, ordered lunch and a beer and watched these incredible machines land and take off.

It was such fun.

Today is my free day and I ate:-

Chelsea bun and cappucino lying in bed early in the am. It's a had to be there.
Lunch...Chicken strips and crispy potato skins washed down with 2 ice cold frosties (beers).

Afternoon tea...small piece of black forest cake.
Dinner...scrambled eggs.

Now before you think WOW...where did he put all that junk, remember that I have a planned free day each week and today I used it because I felt like it. Because it's planned I have absolutely zero guilt feelings about it..In fact it's part of my plan. I know myself and my body and my plan works for me.

Have a wonderful shredding week all y'all.


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Howdy Dougal! This post I can understand. lol Black forest cake. Cappucino. mmmm Very, very good choices.

Just now after posting a long-winded, possibly unnecessary plea on rtp for Adam to rest more (or if he is doing it mention it more), I come to your blog. I already read this post, but I read it again. The juxtaposition made me realize something I love about you. Your ability to love and luxuriate and relax in life. There's a nice balance in your blog. Workout stuff and also you write about relaxing moments that you enjoy regularly like laying in bed in the morning, time spent with loved ones, enjoying your food even in visualizing enjoying your body on a vacation at the beach. I saw something that believe it or not was said by John Travolta on Oprah. (I'll learn a lesson from a whore at convenience store if it rings true.) He spoke of living life well. It struck a chord with me, because at that the time I wasn't. I was always, go, go, go work, work, work. I've been doing it more and I'm getting good at it. And you ...

You live life well. You've really got it down to an absolute art. I love and admire that about you.

dougal said...

Ah...Christy,Christy,Christy, you are one of the parts that makes my life fit together properly. You are such a beacon of light for us all and you articulate this so eloquently. Don't you love the paradox "Striving for balance". When it comes naturally you have the beginnings of a life understood. You also really make me laugh and I admire and love that about you.