Thursday, November 8, 2007

Week Ten,Day 4


Final, round 1 (07)

WOW! what a ride. I sit and ponder, in is it possible that 14 short days can create so much change in people's lives. Let me attempt to articulate my journey.

14 days ago I was blogging on a regular basis. I had been doing so daily for 8 weeks, now 10. I had committed and was enjoying it. Now, photographs daily...hmmm.

I took up the challenge and found out that:-


It's possible to genuinely make new friends and really get into people's lives. To know that there are still people who trust enough to bare their souls.

To realise that we all need to belong to a community, and that the love and support of those people is paramount to success in any venture.

To believe, again, that we can achieve whatever we want if we just put one foot in front of the other every day. Progress, not perfection...there is no such thing.

How fantastic would it be if we could all meet up for a fabulous get together in a year from now.


Any journey by it's very nature has to come to an end and this one has. I have a sense of sadness knowing that I may lose touch with some of the Shredder Council. "The Originals" The fact is that as time goes on this concept by Adam is going to get huge and if we have all committed to taking future shredders under our wing it's going to be physically impossible to be in regular contact with each other, and that is a sadness for me. Maybe a once a month webcam get together could work for the "Originals"


For the most part I have found that any challenge is doable once the commitment has been placed firmly in my heart. It becomes a living thing within me. I suppose the technology challenges have been the most frustrating thing for me. Getting to grips with the whole camera thing was an issue, but it seems so far away now as to be irrelevent. The band width thingy has been my biggest frustration. Writing my blog, answering comments, reading the "originals" blogs and commenting should be a 30min exercise...for me it has sometimes taken 1.5 hours. In fact I have taken to getting up before to get it all done, and my only saving grace is that I have WANTED to do it. Otherwise it would have driven me nuts.


I have renewed belief in myself. I once again have faith that if I start a job I CAN complete it. I have rediscovered a love and caring for myself that I now realise I had lost. In turn this has allowed me to care about others and that in turn has made my life so much more worth living. I have realised that photographs are the ONLY way to maintain confidence that you are heading in the right direction. Man I can SEE progress in my daily pics now. I would never have thought that possible before. Now I KNOW I'm heading in the right direction and not just guessing. I now know that I have COURAGE. How else would you explain being able to grit your teeth and allow the whole planet to see you as a BLOB at the beginning of your journey. When you have no secrets, no one can have power over you. When people have seen you at your absolute worst with very little clothing on....what else could you possibly be scared of.

So as one chapter closes and a new one opens my heartfelt thanks go out to the entire Shredder Council - "The Originals". You guys got me through. Well done to all of you for also getting through and conquering your own demons, what an achievment. You guys are all fantastic and I love each and every one of you.



Anonymous said...

Great, great, great. loved everything you said. you are so right in that there is no doubt you have made changes, not only physically but also internally! The internal change is by far the most impressive of this 14 day shred in everyone. being "the first" has made it a special experience for me and for everyone!
i like your idea of a monthly webcam "visit". that would be cool!

dougal said...

Suz,thank you, you inspire me to write from my heart, about life, that to me, I hope will have a positive effect on the lives of others. See ya soon.

Massimiliano said...

Great post my friend you touched my hearth!
I will post my picture full-face (when my wife comes back with the Digital camera…)tonight (even if I am shy) no smiley!
You guys have my hole trust!

Anonymous said...

Your enthusiam is catchy. Take me under your wing for the next Shred! You look great and I'd love just a small piece of your outlook on life to help me throught the day!!
Cheers mate.

Joni said...

Wow everything you said is SO right! I especially like the part about how putting up your before pics is empowering because you can't hide anything. I didn't think about it that way originally but I absolutely agree with that now. I am such a "so glad I did" instead of a "wish I would have" - for everything now!! I really hope we can all continue some kind of regular contact, even though, as you say, daily contact will be difficult to maintain. Your pics look great and thanks for all your support so far. Talk to you soon!

dougal said...

Hey Massi, thanks my friend, look forward to seeing what you look like.

Greg, it would be an honour Bud, keep in touch

JP, thank you for your kind words. Your attitude is awesome, keep going girl. Look forward to connecting soon.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Dougal: What can I say about meeting you? A sweet breath of fresh air! I ALWAYS enjoy reading your post and love your attitude. Congrats on your success now, and those still to come. Will not be losing touch with you.

Miriam said...

Congratulations on finishing the shred. Also thank you for all your supporting comments and advise throughout the mission.

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Dougal! You know I think you're awesome, but I wanted to come on Day 14 for the official congratulations. Thank you for this great post and all your Dougalisms. I plan to continue visiting you throughout the continuation of this mission and beyond! I love your spirit and big heart, but I must also mention, YOU LOOK SO HOT in your Day 14 photos. I cannot wait to see what you'll look like by the Winter holiday. Looks like Santa is gonna bring me some more fun pics to look at this holiday. lol Congratulations!!!

Adam Waters said...

Awesome post Dougal, take a look at you mate! You are shredding very hardm your physique (and smile) says it all!

I forsee a massive transformation for you bud! You rock!

Adam Waters

Sammy said...

Hey doug! I have to say, you've been great these 14 days! Thanks alot for the support and advice on my blog and I hope you successfully complete your current mission and whatever goals you plan in the future.

I certainly hope "the originals" keep in contact through our blogs and that this will go a long way.



dougal said...

Diane, it's people like you that inspire me to write and give me the confidence to continue. Please come and visit with me often.

Christy, my 1st pick for kickball, thank you. For that I will make sure that I give you the best christmas pic I can. Look forward to it. Please don't be a stranger and neither will I.

Adam, Thank you buddy, man I feel like I used to in the old days BFL.
I look forward to a long future with you my friend starting with weekly pics. Stay strong.

Sammy, thank you man, for your encouragement too. Don't go far, stay with us.