Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Remember that sunday, swimming with my kids....about 2 posts back. In case any of you northern hemisphere types have forgotten what summer looks like, take a look. I've included some pics of my beautiful precious, precious little people to add some realism.


Anonymous said...

Great looking kids!
I can feel the warmth of summer coming through! It has been a tad chilly the past few days here in Michigan, USA.

B said...

Gorgeous kids. Yes it is amazing watching what people do in the gyms. They wonder why they aren't acheiving anything. Worse still alot of the gym staff just allow it to happen. I tell my clients you might as well pull out the knitting needles as you are wasting your time. They just don't understand.
Looking good by the way.

dougal said...

Suzette, The warmth of summer!!!you've been watching The Secret a few too many times. Ha Ha Ha.

Bec, thank you so much they are magnificent little people. I think between you and me we could write a book on the strange things people do in gyms.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Beautiful kids...must look like their mom:-) Would you send some of that sunshine my way?

dougal said...

Yeah Diane I get that a lot. Ha Ha. You have to be patient..sunshine's a long way away.

Marbella said...

Hey Dougal,
Love seeing those adorable kiddos. No wonder you have such fun at the beach and pool. So glad SOMEBODY has some swimming weather...it´s all blue skies here in Madrid, but a high of 14ÂșC. Not bad....not as good as you have it tho Dougal.
Take care and have fun.

dougal said...

Hey Miss Spain, thank you, they are very, very,very,very special.
I've been to Madrid this time of the year, it's gorgeous.