Saturday, November 10, 2007

Week ten, day 6


Yesterday on the way to the gym for cardio I dropped my car key. The micro chip in the key did not like that too much and decided not to start the car.

OK, stay calm. Phoned the dealer who talked me through a process of immobilising the immobiliser and alarm which by now had neighbours peering through windows whilst this thing was piercing a hole in the ozone with it's wailing.

Stress mounting.

Finally, "OK Sir we'll send someone round to have a look."

By now my schedule is shot and I'm struggling to contain my frustration.

Worse to come.

The agent tows my car to the dealership where I am told "There is nothing we can do now Sir, we'll let you know in the morning." Oh right of course it's 5.03pm, they close at 5pm.

Now my shcedule is completely gone. I can't get to clients, I can't get to my....well actually I can't do anything.

What about my cardio. In the old days I would have blown it off, but I have a commitment to all of you to complete all my workouts and isn't it funny how that immediately popped loudly into my mind.

I have to admit, I wrestled with it for a while. ...10 minutes later I was running around my neighbourhood with gusto having a lot of fun. I'd forgotten how great it was to run in the fresh air and also how hard it is on your legs.

Next morning I got the chilling news from the dealer. "Unfortunately Sir your key is not repairable. We'll have to order a new one from Germany." "Ok," I respond, "when will it get here." "10 days Sir."...." What, 10 ten days. "

All my manifesting", positive thinking, attracting what I think about most, came to nought. The car is off the road for 10 days....MAN.

I am not married, I live alone and I have one car. My mountain bike was looking more attractive by the minute.

Phoned my girlfriend who calmly the smart intelligent woman she is...Ask your insurance company for a loaner.....Next thing "Certainly Sir, what time would you like a vehicle delivered." girl my girfriend.

So..... I'm now driving a brand you Toyota Yaris. For those of you who are not familiar with a small, make that very small japanese vehicle, this car does not require a parking bay. I can either take it into the gym with me put it in my pocket or park it in a motor cycle bay.

Truthfully it's quite fun zipping around in it and at least the mountain bike can rest easy for a while longer.

Moral of the story. Always make sure you have eventualities like this covered and keep your commitments no matter what happens.

You'll feel a heck of a lot better about thing if you do.


Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

If something can happen it happens to you mate, sorry to hear your troubles but sounds like you dealt with them brilliantly.

It does make a difference running outside when you have not done it for a while doesn't it. I have route which takes me right along the coast which is really quite beautiful. Keeps you busy looking around!!

My wife has a small car also, it's a bit like driving a go-kart if you are used to a bigger car!! Watch out for any speed bumps, they turn into ramps in small cars, don't want you airbourne!!!

Take care mate,


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

I would like to add a secondary moral to this story for any single men who may read this in the Los Angeles area.

Secondary moral: Always have a SMART GIRLFRIEND. (Not that I'm not totally gonna be hot by Christmas, lol)

Love your sense of humor and great job, as always, getting the cardio in by kicking it old school with the running. :)

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

glad to see that despite the hump in the road, you still found a way to get the job done.

Coffeetalk said...

Hi Dougal, I'm a little late but wanted to congrat you on finishing the challenge! You did great!

Sorry to hear about the car. No, we don't have small cars in the USA. Too many people in power with oil connections. But that's another story for another board!! LOL.

Looking forward to continuing our shred together. Stay the course.


Marbella said...

Hi Dougal!
What fun reading your blog today. I cannot believe your car is immobilized because of a KEY! This modern world we live in is not made for problems like you had. Hey, good luck and at least you are putting a new car in your pocket! Proud of you for running and letting off steam!
Keep it going.

dougal said...

Wow Andrew you are right about the speed bumps. I hadn't realised what it would be like. It's cool though I'm enjoying it. What part of England coastline are you referring to. Getting a bit nippy isn't it.

Watch out LA, girl uninterupted on the way. Hurricane Christy incoming.

Thank you Debbie, I'll visit in a while.

Lynda you're right, even bicycles are way too sophisticated these days.

Diane, I love humps, they force too to think out of the box.

Joni said...

Hey I'm with Christy - the real moral is: Ask a woman, they are always right. :) Just kidding. Be careful with that little car, you might lose it!

Andrew said...

Right on the south coast mate. Yep getting nippy now and pretty windy on bad days but it's all good. I love the waves battering in the winter as much as the warmth in the summer!!

Take care,


dougal said...

Joni, I left the gym last night and the little car WAS gone. I got nervous until I realised that I had put it in my pocket.