Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 2


Into day 2 and feeling fantastic. Had a wonderful cardio session today preceded by my ab workout.


Giant sets (more than 2 sets one after the other) 4 sets of 12 reps of each exercise, then rest for 30 seconds.

Oblique twists on a decline board

Flat crunches

hanging leg lifts


Cardio (all times are in Kilometres per hour)

Minute 1 - 5 walk

2 - 5.5

3 - 6

4 - 6.5

5 - 7 run

6 - 8

7 - 11

8 - 8

9 - 12











19-6 Walk


This routine is challenging enough for me so as to be effective. My heart rate runs on average about 128 which is about 85% of max. This may seem low but bear in mind my resting HR is 35. So the spread is pretty normal.

As long as I'm losing body fat I'm cool with that.

I do a different routine on thursday so I'll fill you in then.

What has fueled my machine today:-

5.45am - 40gms protein/water + 2 glasses water (creatine ethyl ester)

8.45am - 40gmsprotein + Glutamine/skim milk + 3 tbspns oats + small tub FF flavoured yoghurt + 2 glasses water

11.15am CARDIO/ABS

12.15pm - 2egg, 1 egg white omelette + raw veggie salad with mussels

3.30pm - FF Cottage cheese + 1 apple

7.00pm - 40gms protein shake No carbs (fallback since my eating plans were changed)

and that's my day done.

Oh BTW....you're obviously wondering what the heck the picture is. This is one of my clients...what makes you think I take them to their limits. LOL (pic with her permission)

See ya tomorrow.


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Hiya Dougal! Looks like you really put your clients through the paces. ;) Great job holding yourself accountable with the food.

Anonymous said...

she looks beat! thanks for sharing your daily "grind".

dougal said...

Thanks Christy, yup the food thing is workingfor me.

Suzette, thankyou for visiting.

Joni said...

Oh yeah, I definitely look like that when I am done my workout - actually, usually before I am done :) I mean that literally because I swear I did exactly that after my hamstring curls the other day. But I digress...First things first - your resting HR is 35? Damn are you almost dead? I thought mine was low at 60 but I guess I was wrong :) Wow amazing. Moving on...so what's with the mussels? Is that a cultural thing or what because although you can get mussels around here, putting them on salad daily is not something we do. Just curious...
Glad putting the food down is helping you - just wanted to put up some funny stuff to give away some smiles!!
P.S. How's the Jetsons car doing?

dougal said...

Joni, at the time I was training a whole bunch of girls and when I got to the leg curl machine that's what I saw. It looked hilarious so I just had to take a pic...she said it was ok, or I think that's what she said. ummm, maybe it was a mumbled "I hate you."
Your heart rate is low..72 is average, shows you are fit.
I love seafood and I bought a whole bunch of mussels along with fresh salmon and tuna and the like so I after I defrosted them I needed to eat them all fairly quickly so I just stuck them in salads..not bad.

Ha Ha the noddy car...I lost it the other day then realised I'd put in in my pocket.

Train hard

Adam Waters said...

Love the DDS man! By the looks of that pic I needed you training my 7 years ago after BFL!


dougal said...

No worries mate it just shows it's never to late to get it together yeah! Glad you like the DDS